Application requirements
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2024 “NANA Exhibition ”
of The National Art Center, Tokyo


2024/11/29 – 12/9

Application for participation

Applications are accepted at any time from the website, instructors, and office of Nanakusakai.
Capacity 200 people.
We will accept applications in the order they are received and cease accepting applications once the limit is reached.

Entry fee

Payment is one of the following ways:
Automatic transfer: Using for member only in 2024/10/27.
It will be withdrawn from your bank by the designated financial institution account transfer system.

Designated account transfer:
The applicant is separately notified of the designated period of transfer and the designated account information of the financial institution.Payments in cash are not accepted.

Artwork genre

Oil painting, watercolor, Japanese painting, Acrylic painting, Pastel, Egg tempera, Drawing, Mixed media, Etching.

Calligraphy genre

Classic kanji, Classic kana, Creative, Ink wash painting, Zenga, Haiga.

Size and Fee(Tax all included)


    1. No.0~No.25 (Canvas size) JPY 33,000
    2. No.30~No.50 (Canvas size) JPY 49,500
    3. No.60~No.80 (Canvas size) JPY 66,000
    4. No.100~No.150 (Canvas size) JPY 77,000


    1. “Han-setsu 1/2 半切1/2” W35cm x H68cm, “Han-setsu 1/3 半切1/3″ W35cm x H45cm(placed vertically),
      ”Zen-kaishi 全懐紙” W48.5cm x H36.5cm and “Han-kaishi 半懐紙” W36.5cm x H24.5cm JPY 33,000
    2. “Han-setsu 半切” W35cm x H136cm,”Zen-han 全半” W70cm x H68cm,(placed vertically)JPY 49,500
    3. “Zenshi 全紙” W70cm x  H136cm, “Ren-ochi 聯落” W52.5cm x H136cm(placed vertically) JPY 66,000
    4. “Zenshi 全紙(横) or Larger format size” W136cm x H70cm (placed horizontally)JPY 77,000

Regulations of exhibited works:

    1. Basically, there is no inspection, free subject matter.
    2. Works on display are limited to works that you have created.
    3. exhibited works should be framed, but glass is not allowed, acrylic glass is acceptable.
    4. “Picture title,” “name” and “address” are specified on a paper form and pasted on the back of the frame and on the upper left.
    5. A frame width of the work shall be within 4,5 cm around.
    6. For matting in watercolors, etching, and others, the width of the frame is within 10 cm.
    7. A Forehead hanging bracket and a string should be attached to the back of the frame.
    8. The exhibitor is responsible for all the packaging and transportation costs of the listed works and all the costs associated with the listed works.
    9. Nanakusakai is responsible for keeping the exhibited works.However, they are not responsible for loss, damage, etc. that occur under normal management conditions.

Works that cannot be exhibited:

  • Works that may harm plagiarism, copyright, or portrait rights.except for copying and writing.( copy of the classic work)
  • Works that make sounds and smells.
  • Works that could cause injury to visitors, such as exposure of knives and works that contrary to public order and morals.

Regarding the display of works:

The exhibitor cannot object to the display position of the works in the exhibition hall.
Or works that are recognized as violating the rules by Nanakusakai may not be able to displayed.


Problems that occur outside the above will be dealt with by the rules of the National Art Center, Tokyo.